Top 5 Corporate Videos from Iconic Businesses Born in North Carolina

See the entrepreneurial spirit of North Carolina through the lens of its most dynamic offspring. In “Top 5 Corporate Videos from Iconic Businesses Born in North Carolina,” we’re showcasing the visionary enterprises that took their first steps amidst the Tar Heel State’s rolling hills and bustling cities. These aren’t just success stories; they are a masterclass in ambition, innovation, and resilience, vividly brought to life through the power of visual storytelling.

Why tune into these particular tales? Because they encapsulate the journey from humble beginnings to national acclaim, highlighting the transformative power of local ingenuity. Each video is a testament to bold ideas turned industry benchmarks, underscored by the unmistakable flavor of North Carolina’s vibrant business culture.

But this is more than a celebration of local success; it’s an invitation. An invitation to be inspired, to see the familiar terrain of our state as a fertile ground for ideas that captivate audiences and drive change. These narratives, rich with local color and broad in their appeal, demonstrate what we can achieve when we dare to dream, innovate, and create right here in North Carolina.

Prepare to be moved, motivated, and perhaps even a little awestruck as we unveil the compelling journeys of home-grown businesses that have etched their names on the national stage, all through the compelling art of corporate video. This is North Carolina — where dreams find direction, and local stories become legends.

1. Cheerwine


Cheerwine Corporate Video Commercial

Take a sparkling adventure with Cheerwine, North Carolina’s legendary answer to ordinary sodas. In a riveting corporate video, you’ll traverse the decades of Cheerwine, where each bubble bursts with tradition and homegrown pride. It’s not merely a drink; it’s a crimson tide of community unity, a sweet toast to our state’s innovation and spirited resilience. Set against the electrifying backdrop of a rock concert, the video is a toast to friendship, good times, and the indomitable spirit of Southern tradition.

From the opening scene, you’re drawn into an evening filled with energy, music, and laughter. The camera dances through the crowd, capturing the shared smiles and excitement of friends, with Cheerwine at the center of it all — a catalyst for togetherness. It’s not just a beverage they’re holding; it’s a testament to communal experiences, enhanced by the uniquely sweet, maraschino-cherry-like flavor that has delighted generations since 1917.

What stands out in this production is the strategic use of visual storytelling to convey the brand’s message. There’s no voice-over, but there doesn’t need to be. The Southern country music sets a rhythm that’s almost palpable, creating an auditory experience that resonates with the brand’s roots. The message is clear: Cheerwine isn’t just part of the event; it’s part of the culture.

The video culminates with a powerful tagline, “We make any experience sweeter. Try Cheerwine today!” It’s a direct invitation, yes, but also a subtle nod to the brand’s heritage and its role in making everyday moments more memorable. This isn’t just a promotion; it’s a call to come together and celebrate the sweetness of life.

In just a few potent seconds, Cheerwine’s corporate video captures the essence of what it means to be “Uniquely Southern” — embracing community, tradition, and the simple joy of a drink that’s more than a taste; it’s a shared experience. This is corporate storytelling done right: building brand affinity by celebrating the human connections that bring us all together.

2. Mt. Olive Pickles

Mount Olives

Mt. Olive Pickles Corporate Video Commercial

Step into the world of Mt. Olive Pickles and experience a brand story that’s as rich and vibrant as the flavors they’ve bottled for nearly a century. Their corporate video is a masterful blend of history, process, and community spirit, inviting viewers not just to observe but to become part of their journey.

From the very first frame, you’re transported to the corner of Cucumber & Vine, where Mt. Olive’s story began. The video doesn’t just recount the company’s history; it immerses you in it, bringing to life the trials and triumphs that transformed a small venture into the country’s best-selling brand of pickles, peppers, and relishes.

But what makes this production stand out is its seamless blend of informative and emotive content. It’s one thing to explain the pickle-making process; it’s quite another to make it a visual feast that holds you captive. Every step, from the selection of fresh cucumbers to the meticulous quality control, is presented with such detail and enthusiasm that you can almost taste the dedication and pride that go into each jar.

Moreover, the video underscores the brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility and community engagement. It’s not just about what goes into their jars; it’s about what they give back. The highlight of their annual North Carolina Pickle Festival not only showcases their pivotal role in the community but also reinforces the brand’s image as a household staple.

What we witness here is a strategic use of corporate video production that turns a company tour into a storytelling masterpiece. The high-quality visuals, paired with an engaging narrative, strengthen the brand’s identity and underline the values that have anchored them since 1926.

As the video concludes, you’re left with an impression of more than a successful enterprise. Mt. Olive emerges as a community of passionate individuals united by a legacy of excellence, tradition, and, of course, a love for pickles. This isn’t just effective corporate branding; it’s storytelling at its most delicious.


3.Krispy Kreme

krispy kreme

Krispy Kreme Corporate Video Commercial

Experience the magic of the holidays with Krispy Kreme’s heartwarming corporate video, where the simple act of turning on holiday lights parallels the joy sparked by sharing those iconic doughnuts. In this visually stunning narrative, every light symbolizes a beacon of warmth, hope, and communal joy, echoing the brand’s mission to add a sweet touch to life’s moments.

As the video begins, we’re greeted with a familiar sight: holiday lights twinkling in the serene darkness, each bulb a promise of the happiness and comfort that define the season. It’s a scene that, much like the first bite of a Krispy Kreme doughnut, ignites a sense of wonder and nostalgia, a reminder of simple pleasures that bring great delight.

But it’s not just about the lights or the doughnuts; it’s about the message they carry. “When the lights go on, joy is sure to follow. This holiday season, share your light.” These words, gentle yet profound, invite viewers to be carriers of joy in their circles, much as Krispy Kreme has been for years. It’s a call to action that transcends commercial intent, urging a communal spirit of generosity and togetherness.

What makes this production particularly touching is its subtlety. There’s no grandiose declaration, no overt promotion of the product. Instead, there’s a focus on the emotional response that the brand evokes: the warmth of shared experiences, the brightness of shared joy. It’s a testament to Krispy Kreme’s understanding of its role beyond a purveyor of sweet treats — as a facilitator of shared moments that light up our lives.

The video, with its elegant simplicity and poignant message, is a reminder that in the season of giving, the most precious gifts are not material but emotional. And as the screen fades to black, viewers are left with a lingering afterglow, a sweet assurance that with every box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, they’re not just sharing a snack; they’re sharing a piece of their heart.

4.Goody’s Powder

Goody's PM

Goody’s Powder Corporate Video Commercial

Enter the world of Goodies, where strength, grit, and the relentless pursuit of relief take center stage. This corporate video is a rallying cry to those who understand that progress often comes with a price, and pain is just a stepping stone on the path to success.

From the opening lines, you’re thrust into a narrative that champions the go-getters, the ones who don’t let pain become an obstacle. It’s a tribute to the unsung heroes who understand that change doesn’t wait for the wounds to heal, but for the relentless spirit to push forward.

The imagery and words evoke a sense of resilience that resonates deeply. It’s a call to action for those who’d rather work for what they want than wait for it to come their way. It encapsulates the essence of the ‘Hustler’ spirit, a tribute to those who know that achieving greatness often requires enduring discomfort.

What’s remarkable about this production is its fusion of powerful visuals and a succinct message. The accompanying music adds an extra layer of motivation, driving home the idea that, like the people it celebrates, Goodies is there to provide fast pain relief when you need it most.

The video’s conclusion, “Goodies fast pain relief powder,” is more than just a tagline; it’s a promise. It’s a reminder that, in the journey of hustling and overcoming obstacles, Goodies stands as a reliable ally, ready to provide relief and keep you moving forward.

In a world where resilience is celebrated, this corporate video serves as a powerful anthem for those who understand that pain is temporary, but the determination to succeed is enduring. It’s a reminder that, in the face of adversity, Goodies is here to help you stay on your path to greatness.

5.Texas Pete

Texas Pete
Texas Pete Corporate Video Commercial

Enter the world of Texas Pete, where sauce isn’t just an accompaniment; it’s the star of the show. In this vibrant corporate video, the brand celebrates the power of its sauce as a culinary essential, a flavor enhancer, and a catalyst for good times.

From the opening lines, the message is clear: Texas Pete sauce isn’t an afterthought; it’s a vital ingredient that elevates every gathering. It’s the secret ingredient that gives your appetizers that extra kick, transforming your favorite dishes into flavor-packed masterpieces.

The video effectively captures the essence of shared moments and the role that Texas Pete sauce plays in bringing people together. It’s a culinary equalizer that transcends team loyalties and culinary preferences, uniting everyone in the joy of savoring good food and great company.

What makes this production remarkable is its ability to convey a sense of fun and unity in a short span. The accompanying music sets the perfect tone, infusing the video with energy and enthusiasm. It’s a reminder that Texas Pete isn’t just a condiment; it’s a source of culinary excitement and enjoyment.

The video’s tagline, “Texas Pete sauce like you mean it,” isn’t just an invitation; it’s a challenge to savor every moment and every bite. It’s a commitment to flavor, to quality, and to bringing people together over the shared love of great food.

In a world where food is a universal language, Texas Pete sauce stands as a testament to the idea that flavor isn’t just a taste; it’s an experience. This corporate video encapsulates that sentiment, inviting everyone to embrace the joy of savoring life with Texas Pete.

In closing, these Top 5 Corporate Videos from North Carolina’s iconic businesses have left an indelible mark. They showcase the power of storytelling, heritage, and branding to unite and inspire. Whether it’s Cheerwine’s friends gathering at a rock show, Krispy Kreme’s holiday lights, Goodies’ message of resilience, Texas Pete’s flavor-packed joy, or the tradition of Mt. Olive’s pickles, each video shares a commitment to excellence and a belief in the connective force of visual storytelling. They remind us that, in the digital age, stories are the currency that truly defines iconic brands. Here’s to carrying these lessons forward as we continue to craft narratives that resonate and build communities.

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