The 6 Benefits of Using Product Walkthrough Videos in Your Training Program

Your customers are using technology to make the purchasing process easier. They are now doing more research online, comparing products and prices, and even watching how-to videos before making a purchase decision.

Customer expectations have increased tremendously over the past few years. If you want your business to stay relevant in today’s market, you must meet these requirements by implementing modern training programs that improve your customer experience.

Video is among the most powerful mediums for communicating messages — demonstrating how to use a product or providing an overview of new services available for purchase.

Product walkthrough videos are one of the fascinating trends in training. These short how-to videos explain what a certain product does and how to use it properly.

According to a survey, 94% of consumers said that watching a video has assisted them in making a purchase decision at least once. Of those, 72% were swayed by a product walkthrough video.

Here are the 6 benefits of using product walkthrough videos in your modern training program.

Attract New Customers

People are more likely to purchase products or services that have been demonstrated in a video rather than those that have been described in a written document. If you want to attract new clients to your company, product walkthroughs are an excellent way for people to learn about the products without trying them out for themselves.

These videos offer your potential clients detailed explanations of what they can expect during their purchase journey with you, reassuring them that they have made the right choice. It also provides a sense of how they will feel about their experience before they commit to anything.

Improve Customer Retention

Product walkthrough videos are also great for increasing customer retention. Your customers will be satisfied with the products they have purchased, further reducing the chance that they will switch to a new provider without giving you notice.

It is important for your customers to feel safe and secure in using their products or services on a day-to-day basis. They need to know what training is available — if any — and how easy it is to access them when it comes. This information reassures them of excellent performance while using your product or service.

Stand Out From the Competition

You increase your chances of standing out from competitors by providing valuable content online through well-made product walkthrough videos. This is because many other businesses also use them to satisfy customers’ needs.  Learn more about how to make your corporate video stand out.

However, there are different ways that video can improve your business, like how-to videos that explain what products do and walk users through the process. This helps reduce support requests since they can solve issues independently instead of having to contact you.

 Increase Sales Conversions

Emails containing video content convert better than those without. Those who use product walkthrough videos will be able to get started faster than ever before, which results in fewer instances of abandoned shopping carts due to technical difficulties or a lack of knowledge about how to use certain features offered by your company.

 Improve Site Satisfaction Rates

Many companies will provide product walkthrough videos to introduce their products or service before the user lands on their site. This is done to improve site satisfaction rates, lowering your bounce rate and increasing the average time users spend on your website.


You can use product walkthrough videos at a very reasonable price, which makes them cost-effective for small businesses that cannot afford expensive training solutions. This video provides detailed explanations of what you’re selling without requiring face-to-face interactions with these potential clients until they’re ready to buy.

When you produce tutorial videos for your customers, it makes them more confident about using your products or services in real life since they already have an idea of how everything works.

So product walkthrough videos are recommended if you’re looking for a more cost-effective way of doing things. It provides better customer service and increases your chances of getting repeat customers due to its ability to help them adjust well to using the product or service they’ve purchased.

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